Mile #2642, Near Woody Pass

Viewful today with much of trail above treeline around 6,000 ft.  Hiked on/off with Jen, who is camped with me tonight in a cirque about 12 1/2 miles from British Columbia by the PCT.  It’s a bit of an exposed site, but I’m tucked behind some trees under my tarp.  Real food tomorrow and the end of this journey.

ELEVATION RANGE (ft): 5,050-6,940


WEATHER:  Overcast morning w/ occasional diffuse sun.  Mostly cloudy and cool in the afternoon.  Great visibility!

BREAKFAST: Berry granola mixed w/ carnation instant breakfast and instant coffee (735 cal)

LUNCH:  Clif Builders Bar (270 cal)

                9 Squares Cadbury Caramel Bar (300 cal), instant coffee.

DINNER:  Freeze dried beef stew (480 cal)

                Instant Peach Crumble  (400 cal), Fruit bar (160 cal)

                Hot Chocolate (100 cal)       

SNACK: 3.3 oz regular goldfish (420 cal), 3/4 lb salted mixed nuts (2,040 cal), granola (200 cal est.), granola bar (160 cal), fruit bar (160 cal)


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