Mile #2615, Glacier Pass

I awoke at midnight last night with sharp hunger pangs.  Try as I could, I was not able to get back to sleep and knew that I would have to eat something in order to sleep.  I walked over to my food canister and, rationalizing that Monday was going to be a short day, pirated my Monday snack.  So there I was, sitting alone on a log in the middle of the dark, tearing into a $.99 bag of Fritos like a wild animal.  I got to sleep.  They tasted awesome.  This morning the hunger had subsided and I was feeling much better.  

Jen (saviour!)
Jen (saviour!)

As I was leaving camp, I nearly ran right into Jen, who had come back onto the trail from Stehekin yesterday afternoon and ended up camping just 3/4 a mile behind me.  Right away I told her about my food shortage and she readily offered up two Clif bars she had extra.  Later that day, we ran into other hikers heading home from various trips who were more than happy to give me their extra food.  Soon I had a bag full of trail mix, nutrition bars, and other stuff.  It probably weighed three pounds before I started munching it down.  So I’m all set with food.

Extra food donated by other hikers
Extra food donated by other hikers


For the past 1 1/2 days the PCT has been moving up over high passes and down through deep valleys.  It continues to be highly scenic.  We are now just east of the Cascade range and the mountains are notably drier, looking a lot like southern California at times.  Jen and I are probably hiking together to the Canadian border and I’m enjoying her company after being mostly on my own since central Oregon.  Tomorrow is my last full day of hiking on the PCT!  

ELEVATION RANGE (ft): 3,240-6,840


WEATHER:  Sunny, high wispy clouds

BREAKFAST: PB&J granola mixed w/ carnation instant breakfast and instant coffee (895 cal)

LUNCH:  Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch Clif Bar (250 cal)

                9 Squares Cadbury Caramel Bar (300 cal)

DINNER:  Annie’s shells and cheddar w/ olive oil and pesto sauce (600 cal)

                Jello Instant Pudding  (400 cal), 1 bueberry bagel (100 cal)

                Mint Tea

                A few salted mixed nuts (50 cal)        

SNACK: 6.6 oz regular goldfish (840 cal), 2 blueberry bagels (200 cal), Bear Naked High Sierra Trail Mix (1,120 cal), Granola bar (160 cal). 

MIDNIGHT SNACK: 4 oz regular Fritos (640 cal)    


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