Mile #2558, 3 Miles North of Suiattle Pass

Another long, challenging day.  I’m past Glacier Peak however, so success!  Today’s highlights:  Bushwhacking into oblivion trying to follow flags going down to Milk Creek (I ended up losing the flags and just scrambled downhill, luckily landing on trail), negotiating miles of blowdowns, some twice my height!  Lots of ups and downs, but the gradient should ease tomorrow and I’ll appreciate the break.  

Glacier Peak from the north
Glacier Peak from the north

Less than 100 miles to Canada now.  Enjoying a quiet night, one of not too many more.  Clouds late this afternoon, maybe rain this weekend?

ELEVATION RANGE (ft): 2,760-6,010


WEATHER:  Clear, sunny day.  Clouds forming and moving NE by end of day, but gone by night.  Full moon, very bright!

BREAKFAST: Fruit and nut granola mixed w/ carnation instant breakfast and instant coffee (895 cal)

LUNCH:  Blueberry Crunch Clif Bar (230 cal)

                12 squares Cadbury dark bar (300 cal)

DINNER:  Freeze-dried pasta primavera (500 cal)

                Instant mousse pudding (400 cal)              

SNACK: 6.6 oz regular goldfish (840 cal)

               Gu shot (found on trail, 100 cal)


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