Mile #2532, Bench Below Mica Lake

Today had the distinction of being incredibly challenging and spectacularly scenic, making it possibly the best day on the PCT to date.  I took the original route along the west side of Glacier peak in perfect, clear weather.  

White Chuck River with scary log walk
White Chuck River with scary log walk

Highlights included walking a log 20ft above the White Chuck River, losing trail amongst a tangle of blowdowns over Sitkum Creek, and panting up Fire Creek Pass to be treated to a stunning view of the jagged, glacier-riddled northern Cascades.  

Halfway through the last stage and doing well!

Glacier Peak's west face
Glacier Peak’s west face




ELEVATION RANGE (ft): 3,730-6,500 


WEATHER:  Clear, sunny day.  Cloudless with light breeze from the east.

BREAKFAST: Blueberry walnut granola mixed w/ carnation instant breakfast and instant coffee (940                 cal)

LUNCH:  Chocolate Chip Peanut CrunchClif Bar (250 cal)

                12 squares Cadbury dark bar (300 cal)

DINNER:  Freeze-dried rice and chicken (840 cal)

                Jello Oreo Cookie instant pudding (450 cal)              

SNACK: 6.6 oz pizza flavored goldfish (840 cal)


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