Mile #2505, Ward’s Pass

Off to a good start with new “breakfast in bed” routine, which is actually more time efficient with less packing and unpacking to do.  Plus, I stay warm when I can do everything from my sleeping bag.  I hiked an extra half hour before and after my morning snack to make up for the time when I used to hike an hour before breakfast and this was no sweat.  

Loon and Bear
Loon and Bear

I ran into Loon and Bear flip-flopping down from Canada late this morning, and got good detailed information on the original PCT route around Glacier Peak.  There are three troublesome, but passable creeks, two miles of dense blowdowns, and some patches of thick overgrowth.  Sounds totally do-able and I’ll take this route if the weather holds (it’s supposed to).  Amazingly scenic day today with unlimited views of the Monte Cristo mtns and Glacier Peak from Grizzly Peak.  I could also see now quite distant Mt. Rainier to the SW.

    I felt great today, feet not bothering me and pack weight now down to the upper limit of acceptable.  Feeling strong on hills, of which there are many with more to come, making for long days.  Camping on Ward’s Pass tonight with a great view of Glacier Peak.  Mosquitoey, but worth it!  Crossed the 2,500 mile point today.  I remember when the 109 miles to Warner Springs was a big deal.


ELEVATION RANGE (ft): 3,850-5,700


WEATHER:  Clear, sunny day w/ high, wispy clouds.  Non-threatening clouds to the east late day.

BREAKFAST: Blueberry walnut granola mixed w/ carnation instant breakfast and instant coffee (940                 cal)

LUNCH:  Clif Builders Bar (270 cal)

                Snickers bar (280 cal)

DINNER:  Freeze-dried chicken teriyaki (460 cal)

                Instant peaches and cream (420 cal)              

SNACK: 4 oz original fritos (640 cal)


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