Border Crossing, Jesse and Lissa’s House in Bellingham

Awoke to a bright red sunrise.  Hiked the 12 1/2 easy miles to the border monument in a relatively short amount of time.  Annoying 8-mile hike into Canada to get to Manning Provincial Park where Jesse and Lissa drove by just as Jen and I were emerging from the woods.  Said goodbye to Jen and headed for a diner in Hope, then Bellingham.  

Welcome to Canada!
Welcome to Canada!

Food never tasted so good!  Fantastic burger at the diner, but I couldn’t finish it all.  OF COURSE, I got it to go as I can’t bring myself to throw even a crumb of food away.  Got stuck in a huge traffic jam on trans-Canada highway: welcome back to civilization!  Look forward to tomorrow when I can give my poor feet a break.  Now starts a long week of calorie replacement, beginning with this tasty ice cream.

Jesse and Lissa at home in Bellingham, WA
Jesse and Lissa at home in Bellingham, WA

ELEVATION RANGE (ft): 250 (Bellingham)-7,126


WEATHER:  Overcast most of the day

BREAKFAST: Berry granola mixed w/ carnation instant breakfast and instant coffee (735 cal)

LUNCH #1:  Roast beef sandwich, blueberry muffin, mousse pie, 20oz root beer

LUNCH #2:  3/4 of a double cheeseburger, strawberry milkshake, salad.

DINNER:  1 bowl of pasta w/ red sauce and turkey meatballs, 3 scoops ice cream w/ strawberry sauce, red wine.

SNACK: Kirkland trail mix (unknown quantity), 3 fake Oreos (Trader Joe’s brand), 1 peach, chex mix (unknown quantity).

TOTAL CALORIES:  who knows!

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