Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Had a good breakfast at Summit Inn w/ four section hikers, one of whom volunteers for the forest service.  He bought my meal and also gave me 25 ft of rope so I could hang the food that doesn’t fit in the bear canister.  After breakfast, a long, well-graded climb up into Alpine Lakes Wilderness in fog, which persisted all morning, obscuring views.  At noon, fantastic views on east side of Chikamin Ridge, which is quite dry and Sierra Nevada-like.  Lush green landscape on rainier west side.  Pack is obscenely heavy, but the weight only bothered me at the end of the day w/ sore shoulders.  Possible light rain tonight, hoping to stay dry.  Slow moving today due to very rocky treadway, heavy pack ,and tough climbs.

ELEVATION RANGE (ft): 3,070-6,051


WEATHER:  Moderately dense fog with maybe 1,000 ft of average visibility.  Clearing slightly midday to allow view down to Joe Lake.  Back to fog for early afternoon then dramatic clearing and bright sun while rounding Chikamin Pass mid-afternoon.  Overcast by early evening with a light sprinkle at dinner.

BREAKFAST: 2 pc french toast w/ blueberries, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream. (1200 cal est.)

                       3 c coffe w/ half and half (40 cal est)

                       1/3 bag plain ruffles (970 cal)

LUNCH:  Cranberry Apple Cherry Clif Bar (230 cal)

                9 squares Cadbury chocolate bar w/ caramel (300 cal)

DINNER:  1 box Annie’s shells and cheddar w/ 1 tbsp olive oil, dry pesto sauce (600 cal).

                4 oz Jello instant pudding (400 cal)

SNACK:  4oz chili cheese Fritos (640 cal)


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