2.5 Miles Beyond Steven’s Pass

Hands and feet cold this morning until about 10:30AM when sun finally came through and I crossed to the east side of the slope I was hiking across.  New routine for tomorrow:  Will have breakfast before hiking as I chill too easy now if I stop to eat breakfast after an hour of hiking, which is my normal routine.  Feet quite sore at end of the day.  27.9 miles hiked, all up and down.  Pack still heavy, but getting lighter.  Writing and eating after dark tonight.  Today marks 4 mo. on the PCT.   Seam of pack starting to split open above right shoulder.

ELEVATION RANGE (ft): 3,770-5,920


WEATHER:  Clear, sunny day w/ high, wispy clouds

BREAKFAST: Berry granola mixed w/ carnation instant breakfast and instant coffee (735 cal)

LUNCH:  Carrot Cake Clif Bar (240 cal)

                Snickers bar (280 cal)

DINNER:  Freeze-dried beef teriyaki w/ rice (640 cal)

                Instant dark chocolate cheesecake (540 cal)

                Hot Chocolate (100 cal)

SNACK:  6.6 oz buffalo wing goldfish (840 cal)


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