2 Miles Beyond Cathedral Rock

Good night and everything stayed dry.  Woke this AM and left just as rain started.  temps in low 40s and my feet were soon wet.  Climbed up to Escondido Ridge for a very truncated and chilly breakfast where temps neared low of 40 for the day w/ drizzle.  Clouds slowly cleared through afternoon and nearly sunny by 3PM at Deep Lake.  Gear stayed mostly dry w/ down vest getting damp, but not wet.  Clouds flirting with Mt. Daniel summit and Cathedral Rock at end of day, very pretty.  Great campsite at dry spot in trees at base of glacial cirque.  Got fire going in stove w/ tinder I gathered at Deep Lake.  Lighter using up fluid fast, but I found out how to turn down the flame.  Dinner was excellent.  Dropped mittens in stream, but semi-dried over fire.  Must definitively decide route around Glacier Peak by Wednesday. 

ELEVATION RANGE (ft): 3,020-5,610


WEATHER:  Light rain and drizzle, overcast skies.  Rain stopping around 1PM, but remained overcast with occasional diffuse rays of sun.  Clearing to mostly cloudy by late afternoon, then back to overcast by evening.

BREAKFAST: Berry granola mixed w/ carnation instant breakfast and instant coffee (735 cal)

LUNCH:  Blueberry Crisp Clif Bar (240 cal)

                9 squares Cadbury chocolate bar w/ caramel (300 cal)

DINNER:  Freeze-dried chicken and mashed potatoes (400 cal)

                4 oz Jello instant pudding (400 cal)

                Hot Chocolate (100 cal)

SNACK:  4oz original Fritos (640 cal)


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