Big Bear City, CA

I’ve decided to take an extra day off in Big Bear since a good group of people whom I hiked with over the first few weeks arrived last night or are arriving today.  I bumped into Tea Tree at breakfast this morning and  so I’ve just moved my stuff up the road from Nature’s Inn (where I was staying last night) to Tea Tree and Basil’s room at the Motel 6.  I’m hoping to see NAFTA and A-Train come in today.  Captain America and Billy Goat are also moving over to Motel 6, so it’s looking to be a regular hiker’s convention.

Captain America and Billy Goat continue to surprise me with some of the stuff they do.  The other day, walking in the miserable heat up Mission Creek I heard them crashing and stomping off the trail, busy with something.  I got closer to see what they were up to and came to a small clearing.  Captain America and Billy Goat were lugging sizable boulders to the creek and dropping them to make a dam.  “Thunk, plop.”  The dam caused a pool to form and hence a nice cool swimming pool.

Captain America
Captain America

There’s been rumor about a girl who carried only fresh vegetables from ADZPCTKO because “I won’t be able to get fresh vegetables on the trail.”  I wonder how far she got before wishing her broccoli sticks were bread sticks!

I met Magellan yesterday.  She is named Magellan because she’s anything but and has lost her way more than a few times.  No Car is trying to hike the PCT without getting a ride in a car, which inevitably means doing a lot of road walking for resupply.  He could hardly walk yesterday after stomping into Big Bear down Route 18 in the blazing sun, turning down the person (to her surprise I’m sure) who pulled over and offered him a lift into town.

The plan today is to hit the Sizzler around noontime and probably head over to the outfitter.  I’m outta here tomorrow morning as too many days in town makes me a little nuts.

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