Osos, Mogwai, and the Bob

Near Strawberry Creek, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Flathead NF, MT

We’ve just finished our second full day out of Glacier NP and now starting to find a rhythm. April is lying with her eyes closed here in the tent and once I’m done with this posting I’m sure I’ll be off to sleep as well. The terrain south of Glacier is a bit less stark and the trail has beenCrossing Two Medicine Creek for the upteenth time! notably flatter. We’ve generally been following the creek drainages of all the nearby mountains, darting low between tall peaks and occasioally switchbacking up and over the divide. Gone are the 2000ft passes and in their place we’ve been covering 20 miles or more each day.

There’s a greater sense of freedom now that we’re out of the national park system. We don’t need permits and we don’t have to sleep in designated campsites. We only saw one person today, an Aussie hiking all of Montana on the CDT. We can make camp for the night wherever and whenever we like. It makes our trip feel more like a journey than a vacation.

As I’ve mentioned, we’re finding a rhythm. This means just getting the feel for each other’s pace, fatigue etc. So far, no problem. We’ve seen plenty of wildlife out here. Plenty of deer, an eagle, and agame bird recently. We have yet to spot a bear, though we’ve seen plenty of prints. We routinely yell out “Oso!” when we want to let them know we’re coming. Our least favorite critter Jawboneis the horsefly. They are HUGE in Montana and they bite hard. We’ve nicknamed them the mogwai bug. Mogwai is Cantonese for devil. We hiked into Bob Marshall Wilderness this afternoon (the Bob). A wilderness means no bikes, ATVs, or anything motorized. just foot/horse trail. We’re 4 days away from Augusta, MT and doing well.

Oh and final note- it was tough to find a campsite tonight. We hiked late and finally settled on a spot of grass (somewhat lumpy) tucked behind some trees. Goodnight!

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