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Upper Seymour Lake


Fishing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about long distance hiking, though many a PCT thru hiker has been known to stash a rod and reel when heading into the Sierras.  Eating foods found naturally along the trail can be an immensely satisfying experience on a …

Better Watch What You Say!

April and I have joked along the way that we also need to be very careful with our words when we’re hiking. The CDT does not like to be taunted. Nor does it like us to get too full of ourselves.

Do We Have to Leave Helena?

In a few minutes we’re taking the van down to the bakery so April can check out the production there and we’ll be helping Renee with some deliveries around town. We both really loved Helena. It’s a great town and we can’t wait to come back. We never expected to be here for more than buying groceries and now we’ve made some good friends over three days. Part of the journey I guess.

Not the Bees Knees

Forecasting the summer weather must be the easiest job in Montana. If I were in charge of the summer forecast, I’d write …

The Three Bears

The next afternoon we set out on what has been thus far our longest day of climbing on the trail. From the Donahue River (sp?) we had to ascend roughly 2,100ft up to the divide, drop down, then ascend maybe another 800ft or so to clear a pass.

Augusta! (Montana)

She obliged and the man proceeded to prod the old horse with it. This was sufficient to get the horse moving and the man led the horse off the trail and down a small hill, returning April her prodder in the process.

Hail Montana

Indian Point, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Lewis and Clark NF Happy August! It’s summer in Montana, but here in the Bob it only …