Step 6: Insert Wick, Cut Out Bottom Piece, Join

Finally, you’ll thread the steel wool wick through the tubing, drill the jets, make the bottom piece, and join the top and bottom together to finish your stove.  Happy trails!

Once the JB Weld has set, thread the steel wool through the pipes.  You do this by rolling the wool with your fingers into a rope.  The rope should be very thin and tapered to a few strands at the end so that you can easily push it through.  Once you’ve got the thin part through, pull gently to move the rest of it through.  Cut off the ends when you are finished, leaving a little sticking out at either end.  Remove the paper spacer.

wick threaded, spacer removed







Use your pin vise to make two jet holes in each tube.  Put the holes near the top of the tube and angle them slightly so that they make a tornado when they are lit!  If you look carefully, you’ll see that I had to put a small aluminum patch on this stove due to overzealous drilling.  This is an easy repair with JB Weld.  

using a pin vise     finished jets












Cut out the bottom piece of the second Pepsi can using the same technique and dimensions as you did in step 3.  Crimp the edges with your pliers, but don’t crimp all the way down.

crimping the bottom piece







Shalom! Flatten out the bottom of the can with a solid round thing, like a rock or a hard ball.

flattening the bottom







Manually join the top and bottom pieces together simply by pressing the top piece into the bottom. You may need to wiggle them if the bottom piece gets stuck on the tubing, but they should fit together well.  Pour a little denatured alcohol into the center, light, and enjoy your hard work!

WARNING:  Never attempt to extinguish this stove by pouring out the fuel while the stove is lit.  The safest ways to extinguish this stove are either to let it burn out or completely cover it with your cook pot. RabbitWriter assumes no liability for anything you do with this stove.  Always use this stove in an open, well-ventilated area free of flammable items.  Please observe all local regulations regarding the use of pressurized liquid stoves wherever you use this stove.    


completed stove2







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