Step 5: Insert Pipes and Apply Adhesive

Now you’re stove is really coming together!  Next you are going to insert the pipes into the holes you drilled and use JB Weld to secure them in place.

Insert the pipes in each of the holes you drilled.  Arrange them so they lean against one another in the same direction and make an interlocking pattern.  Take your time and get it looking good!

pipes in holes







Secure the pipes in place with clear tape.  Then take an out-of-focus picture (jk).

scotch tape on pipes







Prepare the JB Weld.  I like to use a scrap of aluminum and a toothpick.  Use equal amounts of hardener and steel.  You won’t need a big gob of it.  The amount depicted is probably too much.

JB Weld prepared







Use a toothpick to apply the JB Weld around the edges of the tubing.  Don’t worry if it’s not a precision job, just lay it in there and make sure you’ve covered all the space between the tubing and the aluminum can.  When you’ve finished, let it sit for 24hrs.

applying JB Weld








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