Step 3: Cut Out Top Piece

Your next step is to cut off the bottom of the can to make the top piece of the stove.  You’ll make a precise cutting jig for even scoring and then use the X-acto/pliers technique from the last step.

Use two nails to secure an X-acto blade to a wooden block or board.  The height of the blade should be about 21mm, if it’s a teeny bit taller, that’s OK, but don’t go much shorter.  You can use washers to raise or lower the blade depending on the size of the wood block you chose.  Pictured here is a plumbing washer.  Turn the can slowly around the blade to score.  Be sure to work on a hard surface and make flat, steady turns to get an even score.  Just like the previous step, give 20 good turns.

blade set up for scoring can







Use your X-acto knife to cut into the can and make a small flap.  With your pliers, carefully peel around the scored edge until the top of the can is separated from the rest.  You may need to go back in with your X-acto knife if you lose your flap.  Take your time with this step, it’s easy to go too hard and peel past the score.

cutting a flap with xacto knife     peeling with pliers











completed top piece







Now, make a paper spacer out of card stock to fit inside the top piece.  Set aside.

paper spacer inside top piece







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