Step 2: Drill Holes and Cut Out Center

In this next step, you’ll drill out the holes you marked in the first step and cut out the center hole for the stove.

Score the bottom of the can with your circle cutter.  Be sure to hold the cutter firmly to avoid slippage.  Don’t try to cut all the way through the can, just score it.  I’d maybe give it 20 good rotations.  Leave a lip of about 5mm.

scoring bottom of can







Use your X-acto knife to cut an edge of aluminum from the center.  Grab the edge with your pliers and peel around the scored area to make the center hole.  If you did a good job scoring, you should get a clean circle.

scoring bottom of can     completed center hole












Drill the holes for the pipes.  Complete this step very carefully.  I recommend first using a tiny drill bit to make a pilot hole before using the full 3/16″ size.  The drill bit can move and slip around on the can and if you push too fast, you can go right through the other side of the can.  If you’ve got a spare can lying around, I highly recommend practicing!  You should wiggle the bit a little to ream out the sides once the hole is complete.  In the end, you should have a hole slightly wider than 3/16″.  If you happen to make a nick and drill through the other side of the can, you can patch with a spare piece of aluminum and JB weld if the hole isn’t too big.

drill and can together     completed can with holes











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