Step 1: Mark the Drill Holes

This project starts quietly, with tools you may not have used since high school!  You will first precisely mark six holes on the bottom surface of the Pepsi can and locate the center of the can.  You’ll do this by using good old-fashioned trigonometry.

Using the top of a Pepsi can, draw a circle on card stock with a fine-tipped Sharpie or pen.

Drawing a circle on card stock







Using anything with a 90 degree angle, such as a notecard, draw two dashed lines across the circle.  These are called rays.

Drawing Rays







Draw a solid line connecting the dashed lines.  Now you’ve got a circle diameter.  Repeat, and where the circle diameters intersect is the center of the circle.

Diameters draw, circle center located







With a protractor, mark out 60º and 120° from the center of the circle along one of the diameters.

60 and 120 degree angles







Connect the points you made at 60 and 120 to the center of the circle and continue the line through the rest of the circle using a ruler.  Now you should have a circle with a marked center and six evenly-spaced points.

All angles drawn







Make a mark at 5mm from the circle along each solid line.  Connect the marks to get a hexagon.  Not such a great picture here–one side is short.  Easy to re-do if you have the patience.

Marking 5mm     drawing hexagon











Cut out the hexagon and make a hole in the center with your X-acto knife.  The hexagon should fit snugly into the bottom of the Pepsi can.  Mark the points of the can and the center with a Sharpie.

cut out hexagon with hole in center     hexagon fits in bottom of can











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