Tektoba’s Tornado Wick Jet Stove

Tornado Wick Jet in Action

The tornado wick jet is the design of Japanese stove-making sensation Tektoba.  The stove is one of many homemade designs which feature readily-available denatured alcohol as a fuel source; a favorite among long distance hikers due to its low cost and ability to ship through the post office.

Tektoba uses a steel wool wick.  We have yet to discover, in physics terms, exactly what the function of the steel wool wick is, but for more about wicks in stoves, check out one of my favorite pages: ZenStoves.

Tektoba’s original set of YouTube instructions can be frustrating to follow if you’re not familiar with the materials.  This set of instructions adds additional detail backed with photos and few alternative methods which should be less maddening than trying to match Tektoba’s implausibly perfect technique.  Happy Building!