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Road’s End to Cirque Pass

These are quick notes from the route.  Pictures will be posted on the photos page of this section of the blog. July …

gunung agung

Gunung Agung

The most memorable hikes aren’t always the ones that are finished.  Though Facetwitteragram isn’t short on trekking pole thrusts at summits or …

cedar brook trail pic

Hancock, South Hancock

September and October are my favorite months in New England, so we were lucky to start this monster list on one of …

The WM4K

The problem with long distance hiking is that after walking a trail of a few hundred or  thousand miles, shorter trips like …


Until the time we take up our journey again, this will be the last entry from me.

Starting With C

Our highlight of this particular trail segment was a side trip to the 11,024 ft summit of Cottonwood Peak. We tramped through snow (built a snowman), slid down loose rocks, and took in a fantastic view from the top at lunch. It was a clear day and we could see all the way out to Wyoming’s Grand Tetons as well as much of the Salmon River Valley and westward mountains in Idaho. Check out the pictures section!

Better Watch What You Say!

April and I have joked along the way that we also need to be very careful with our words when we’re hiking. The CDT does not like to be taunted. Nor does it like us to get too full of ourselves.