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Dan Feldman, author of Long Distance Hiking, blogs about gear, trails, techniques, and other outdoor issues.

picture of hiker treating her foot

Blisters and Footwear

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”  –Emiliano Zapata This post looks at blister rate and blister distribution among AT and PCT long distance hikers in 2014 and addresses the question:  “Does footwear type influence the incidence of blisters?” 66% of the 569 …

The Trail Diet: Unique Challenges

Food is funny thing.  All long distance hikers, regardless of dietary rules and preferences, have to pack in enough calories to make …

Montana CDT

Hiking Light

“In that dimming past when backpackers were so few they weren’t called that, or anything else, choosing equipment was simple. For the …

alcohol stove with fuel

Measuring Stove Performance

Measuring the camp stove performance is a solid first step for planning fuel, comparing costs, and carrying only what you need on …