Sierra and Sequoia National Forests Ban Alcohol Stoves

Travelers to the High Sierra beware!  According to campfire bans enacted by the Sierra and Sequoia National Forests on June 25th and May 8, 2014, respectively, backpackers traveling with a valid California campfire permit will only be able to use stoves that burn contained gas or pressurized liquid fuel.  Only pressurized liquid fuel stoves that have a fuel shut-off valve are permitted.  This effectively bans alcohol stoves throughout both Forests.

Inyo National Forest has enacted a similar ban.  However, Inyo does not include the shut-off valve prohibition when referencing pressurized liquid fuels.  In addition, Inyo’s ban does not extend to the Hoover, John Muir, Ansell Adams, Boundary Peak, White Mountains, Golden Trout, and South Sierra Wilderness areas.

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